So what will our judges be looking for? Well, across each of our seven categories judges will be scoring against these four sets of criteria: Please read carefully:

Identifying the problem, finding a solution: what good is a financial solution if it addresses the wrong problem? How did you collaborate with other stakeholders to identify the roots of the problem you were trying to address? How good was the business case, the financial planning or the accounting that went towards addressing it?

Innovation and/or perspiration? Was your project a triumph of innovation or just good old fashioned elbow grease? Both have their merits – tell us the story of finance’s involvement and how they contributed to the council’s objectives.

Positive outcomes and IMPACT: Who or what benefitted from the project? How did people, place or the environment benefit from the fruits of your labour? What were the positive outcomes? How do you/will you measure the success of these outcomes? This is the most important section and will carry the most marks in the judges’ scoring. N.B. For the Impact Investment category, you may wish to focus on treasury’s impact on your council’s financial position as well as describing the impact on people, place or the environment.

Collaboration, engagement and ambition: How did finance work with other stakeholders, residents, internal and external clients or providers to deliver the project? What is your ambition for the work’s legacy?

To make a submission for this year’s awards, follow this link.

If you’re still unsure and you’d like to discuss the guidance or the categories , please email