Sponsors & Partners

To discuss sponsoring one of our other categories or media partnerships please contact peter.braham@room151.co.uk


Many thanks to CCLA for supporting our inaugural impact awards.

CCLA manages the public sector deposit fund, the Local Authorities Property Fund and the Diversified Income Fund

They’ve managed local authority funds for over 40 years and charities for 60 years.

For further information about their investment funds and work with local authorities, please contact:

Mark Davies  /  Kelly Watson
market development
07904 657815  /  07879 553 807
mark.davies@ccla.co.uk  /  kelly.watson@ccla.co.uk

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>Place Shaping is sponsored by 31ten Consulting

31ten is a trusted, independent, and agile consultancy working with local government to create growth and make a difference in our local area. Specialising in the areas of strategy, leadership, assets, procurement, regeneration, housing, and organisational change, we benefit from a rare combination of experience that is more specialist than that of traditional consultancies. This allows us to deliver the tailored, creative results our clients want to meet their individual needs.

Web address: 31tenconsulting.co.uk; Twitter: @31tenConsulting;LinkedIn: /31ten-consulting

>Carbon Management is sponsored by Anthony Collins Solicitors

Adult Social Care & Health is sponsored by Fundamentum Group

The Fundamentum Group was established in 2013 as a property advisor, specialising in the UK Supported Housing sector. They have a proven track record acting as a property adviser to several regulated Fund Structures. They have strong relationships with numerous Housing Associations (HAs) and Registered Providers (RPs), across UK Local Authority areas. As a team they have combined 40+ years’ experience in the sector and have successfully transacted on £150 Million worth of properties in the Supported Housing sector. Fundamentum is an active member of the UKSIF and signatory for the UNPRI, for responsible and ethical investing. In 2021 Fundamentum become an early adopter of the Sustainability reporting standard of Social Housing.